Be Well series

Managing our own wellbeing and mental health takes time and effort. Time, in particular, is a commodity that leaders have very little of.

Yet, for us to lead well, we ourselves must be well.

"Be well" is the focus of WWL member-specific initiatives that include CEO Breathe, CEO Commit, CEO Connect and CEO Dialogue. Each initiative ensures our members effectively manage their own wellbeing as an integral part of improving the overall wellbeing of the organisations under their stewardship. Collectively, these initiatives form the Be Well series.

In addition to the CEO Dialogue initiative (which is rebranded from Bi-Annual CEO Dialogue), we are pleased to formally launch the following new initiatives:

In particular, the CEO Commit is an embedded toolkit which we encourage you to download/print and use. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can choose to update this pdf document digitally. Please email us at if you would like a “word” format document for your use, in the event that you do not have Acrobat Pro

We hope that these exciting new initiatives can further support you in your personal wellbeing journey.

All these programmes launching now are for members-only; however to celebrate our launch, we are pleased to make CEO Commit toolkit openly available till 13 August 2022 (first anniversary of the incorporation of WorkWell Leaders Ltd.) as a public service.

The 4C WorkWell Leadership Model

Workwell Leaders

The 4C WorkWell Leadership Model is the foundation on which our programmes are built upon. The 4C, comprising Courage, Compassion (Care), Commitment and Clarity are the leadership attributes we focus on to help our leaders to "Be Well, Lead Well".

The WorkWell Leaders' Change Journey

Workwell Leaders

The WorkWell Leaders Programme

Workwell Leaders

Be Well series

CEO Dialogue (rebranded from Bi-annual CEO Dialogues)

These are unique closed-door, by invitation-only conversations for CEOs or their equivalents of members and guests to come together to learn from, and with each other in a safe space. Governed by Chatham house rules, the conversations and exchanges focus on leadership behaviours and practices for both themselves personally as well as their roles as leaders to change workplace culture to building mentally healthy and thriving workplaces.

Rotated amongst members as hosts, the format of our dialogues follows the safe conversation, reflective and experiential learning formats. Each dialogue serves as a continuing journey for CEOs (we have 50% returning CEOs, some have come for every single one so far) as well as being meaningful on its own for new CEOs joining for the first time.

  • 1st dialogue (Oct 2019) - Theme:Mental Health Awareness and Vulnerability; Guest Speaker: Hsieh Fu Hua (shared his own mental health journey); hosted by PwC Singapore
  • 2nd dialogue (Jul 2020) - Theme:Employees' Needs in Disruptive Times; Guest Speakers: Piyush Gupta (also shared his own mental health journey) and Craig Krammer (Global Mental Health Officer, reporting directly to Group CEO of Johnson & Johnson - Craig shared his caregiver story); hosted by Aviva Singapore
  • 3rd dialogue (Dec 2020) - Theme:How did Covid Change Me as a Leader; Guest speaker: Lyn Lee, Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Shell (shared her own mental health journey and how her workplace supported her); hosted by Jardines Matheson Singapore and Mindset
  • 4th dialogue (Jul 2021) - Theme:Creating Safe Spaces at Workplaces; Guest speaker: Minister of Manpower Tan See Leng. We also launched the collective Pledge.
  • 5th dialogue (Mar 2022) - Theme:Human-Centred Leadership: Building Mentally Healthy Teams in a Hybrid Work Model; Guest speaker: Chuck Whitten, Chief Operating Officer, Dell

Examples of output from previous CEO Dialogue sessions:

Tree of Action in 2020

Workwell Leaders

Tree of Aspiration for 2021

Workwell Leaders

CEO Sharing & Insights (1 of 2)

Workwell Leaders

CEO Sharing & Insights (2 of 2)

Workwell Leaders

Lead Well series

Share: Quarterly Learning Sessions

Conversations about mental health issues at the working level, deep dives into related strategies, policies and programmes. That's what participants can look forward to at the Quarterly Learning Sessions (QLS) conducted by WorkWell Leaders.

These closed-door sessions are attended by WWL members and their Plus Ones (usually COOs, CHROs, Heads of DNI teams) who support the operationalisation of mental health efforts in their organisation.

To ensure that the work WWL members do as a community is always co-owned and co-created, members take turns to host the QLS. Among those who have hosted are Nomura, AmCham and AstraZeneca.

One of the most recent QLS - the 10th in the series so far - was held on 11 February 2022. Hosted at the National University of Singapore by NUS Deputy President (Admin) Mr Clarence Ti, it was the first in-person seminar since the pandemic, and drew over 25 attendees comprising CEOs and their plus ones who champion workplace mental wellbeing as a leadership priority. Among them were Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, Chairman of the NUS Board of Trustees and WWL's Chairperson, Anthea Ong, Mr Guillermo Frydman, Managing Director of Johnson and Johnson, Mr Koh Khai Yang, WWL Board Member and Regional Chairman for Wood Mackenzie. Amongst the plus ones were Head of HR, McDonalds Singapore, Director of Wellness, National Healthcare Group and Head of HR, Deutsche Bank Singapore.

After a breathing and mindfulness practice - now a standard feature at all WWL events – by Ms Jeanie Chu, psychologist of NUS Health and Wellbeing, Dr Andrew Tay, Head and Director of NUS Health and Wellbeing, shared a comprehensive organisation-wide mental health framework. Thereafter, Ms Vera Soh, Regional Wellness Specialist (APAC) at LinkedIn, shared about her company's approach to employee wellbeing. Attendees also discussed in breakout groups strategies to tackle intergenerational stigma at the workplace.

Action: Resources

We are also in discussion with NUS, Mercer and Gallup to develop an evidence-based Executive Wellbeing Leadership Programme (akin to MBA) to support leaders in developing strategic mental health plans and policies, as well as supporting their ESG objectives through investing in employee mental health.

In the pipeline is also a Leadership Behaviours for Mental Wellbeing survey as part of our thought leadership and advocacy effort.

Leaders Resources

In addition to the CEO Buddy initiative, we will also be introducing a regular Leaders Mindfulness practice so that leaders can continue to build on this strong peer support network to integrate personal wellbeing into their leadership practice.

Other resources available to leaders include wellbeing-centred leadership coaching and leadership behaviours surveys for workplace mental wellbeing

Implementation Resources

Several resources (from Health Promotion Board, National Council of Social Services, Ministry of Manpower, Workplace Safety and Health Council, Institute of Mental Health, National University of Singapore etc) are available to companies to help them run programmes to support mental health in their workforce and employees individually. In addition, there is a growing pool of social enterprises, community initiatives and even commercial providers coming into this space to support capability development and capacity building.

Members have found the conversations amongst themselves enriching in pre-empting and factoring in the practical pitfalls and underlying success factors when using such resources to run corporate programmes.

By understanding how such resources fit into the wider ecosystem and mental health landscape, members are also able to better design and implement their overall workforce mental health strategy.

WorkWell Leaders organises and curates these resources as our Recommended Partners' List, making for easy and meaningful access for our members. Implementation guidance and additional research are produced periodically by WorkWell Leaders as additional available resources for members. Selected resources are also available to the public.